Meet Ruthie

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Ruthie learned to draw from her older brother's dog-eared copy of How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way and obsessively watching cartoons. Her mom encouraged her to participate in youth art classes at CSUS and Sacramento High School's Visual And Performing Arts programs, which were the only classes she paid attention in. 

Ruthie’s formal artistic education ended in her teen years, as her mother’s health started to decline. By 17 she was immersed in Sacramento’s street kid scene, where she discovered zines and the Riot Grrl movement. She spent most of her twenties and thirties trying to straighten up and fly right, with varying degrees of success. She’s pretty sure she’s got it on lock at this point. (Knock on wood!)

Somewhere in there, she discovered a passion for cosplay and rekindled her love affair with narrative art. 

Nowadays she spends her time in and around San Diego, making awkward small talk and petting strange cats. She often lights up and says ‘ooh I have an idea for an art!’ and then totally forgets what it was. Sometimes she remembers, and that’s what you get here. She solemnly swears that she is up to no good.